Emergence Meeting 2: Friday, October 25, 11 am, SH 2714

Meeting Announcement

Our second Emergence meeting for second-year Arnhold Fellows is Friday, October 25, at 11 am in SH 2714. Your abstracts are due at this meeting, and we will spend some time during the meeting going over them.

Meeting Recap

  • Our next meeting is next Friday, November 1, at 11 am in SH 2714.
  • We decided that proofreading the articles for the re-release is important; everyone is responsible for proofreading the article(s) they wrote an abstract(s) for. This proofreading just involves correcting minor grammatical errors. The proofread copies of articles are due at our next meeting on November 1. Please print out copies of the articles you read, correct grammatical errors on the hard copy, and bring the hard copy with you to our meeting.
  • Raquel volunteered to ask her friend who is an Art major about doing some cover art. Raquel will email me about this outcome. Sam has also volunteered to ask some of his friends.
  • We read through and edited each other’s abstract drafts. Please send me the edited versions via email before our next meeting.
  • We also tentatively named the three sections of the journal Review (scholarly pieces), Revolution (creative pieces), Response (new, more informal content). These are tentative names for now, but we like the repetition of the “re-“, as it’s in keeping with our “re-release” of the issue.
  • We also decided on the following plan for deadlines for November:
    • Nov 1: Proposals for new content due; proofreading edits made to existing articles (proofread articles you’ve already read for abstracts: Robert – Hamlin and Nassour; Elaine – Toscano and Galvez; Raquel – Belmonte; Sam – Ferguson and Sander; Tom – Fischer)
    • Nov 8: Drafts of new content due. Contact authors of pieces and let them know about re-release (we are editing abstracts, proofing articles, adding artwork, etc).
    • Nov 15: Second drafts of new content due
    • Nov 17: Final drafts of new content to Tom for formatting (last possible day!)

Upcoming Deadlines:

  • ASAP: Email me your revised abstracts so I can send them to Robert so he can get started on the Introduction to the issue.
  • Nov 1: Proposals for the new content section. These proposals need only be a paragraph long. If you have several different ideas, bring proposals for several pieces. We can then talk about what kinds of pieces we want to include in the “Response” section in more detail.
  • Nov 1: Proofread copies of articles. Bring hard copies of articles with proofreading markup to the meeting.
  • Nov 8: First drafts of new content due

Meeting 1 Recap:


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