Emergence Meeting 3: Friday, November 1, 11 am, SH 2714

Meeting Announcement

Our third Emergence meeting for second-year Arnhold Fellows is Friday, November 1, at 11 am in SH 2714. Please bring proposals for new content to the meeting, and we will spend some time during the meeting going over the issue’s structure and order.

Meeting Recap

  • We brainstormed some ideas for the cover art. We decided that we liked more abstract pieces, and we talked about themes/words like emergence/re-emergence, return, revolution, revolve, circular, clean, colorful with a black background. I will send Sam more details about these ideas and his friend will get back to us.
  • We talked about new content. Both Robert and Elaine will be contributing two new pieces to the issue. Robert will be contributing a response to a collection of AIDS fiction and a short introduction to his thesis. Elaine will be contributing an editorial about what it means to be an English major and why it’s important, and a review of the book Wild Ones. We encourage all second-year fellows to contribute to the issue!
  • We decided on the overall order and structure of the issue. We decided that Robert’s introduction will be a shorter, more conceptual introduction that will consider what emergence and re-emergence mean for this issue and that will touch on how the issue is organized overall. Here is how the rest of the issue will be organized:


Review (organized alphabetically)

  • Belmonte: Yin and Yang of Religious Thought
  • Ferguson: Empire Drowning
  • Fischer: Religious Rhetoric
  • Galvez: Shelley and Mourning
  • Hamlin: Medieval character archetype
  • Nassour: American dream blacked out
  • Sander: Ender’s Game
  • Toscano: Sweetness and Light, Huxley

Revolution (also organized alphabetically)

  • Christopher: Regeneration
  • Sherwyn: Band-aids

Response (tentative organization, pending more content)

  • Elaine’s editorial
  • Robert’s response
  • Robert’s intro to thesis
  • Elaine’s book review

Upcoming Deadlines

  • Nov 3: final versions of abstracts – send them to me!
  • Nov 8: first draft of new content; first draft of cover art?
  • Nov 15: second draft of new content; cover art?
  • Nov 17: final drafts of everything to Tom for pdf conversion

Other Meeting Recaps


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