2015-2016 Schedule (First-Year Fellows)

Fall Quarter

October 28

  • Informational luncheon: for interested first-year students; 12-1pm, South Hall 2617. Food will be served.

November 13

  • Arnhold Applications Due!!
    • Please submit a hard copy to the English office (South Hall 3432)


Winter Quarter

January 4-15th

  • One-on-one Check-in with Arnhold Graduate Fellow

January 15th @ 3pm (location TBA)

  • Arnhold Program Welcome Reception:
    • Refreshments will be served.
    • Meet your fellow scholars and to look ahead to this year’s programming for first-year fellows

January 29th @ 4pm

  • Colloquium: “Choosing and developing a research question.”
    • Goal: Discuss strategies for identifying and narrowing a research question.
  • Due on 1/29: A list of key scenes or moments from a text you feel are important for your research. This will not be turned in, but will help you with the colloquia.

February 5th @ 4pm

  • Colloquium: “UCSB English Research Centers and academic networking”
    • Goal: Connect with the English department’s research centers, faculty, and graduate students who can help you with your project.
  • Due by 2/12: A list of 5-7 words you feel are most important for your research topic (ex: digital, ecology, aesthetics, postmodernism, psychoanalysis, race, Marxism, etc.)

February 19th @ 4pm

  • Colloquium: “Research resources and methods”
    • Goal: Identify different databases, centers, or other resources to aid in your research. Begin to define potential methodologies for your project.
  • Due by 2/26: Initial research question and bibliography, should include least eight primary/secondary texts, cited according to MLA or Chicago format

March 4th @ 4pm

  • Colloquium: “Workshop on Research Proposals”
  • Due by 3/14: 300-350 word research proposal


Spring Quarter

March 28-April 8 

  • One-on-one check-ins with Arnhold Graduate Fellow to review research proposal

April 8, 4-5pm

  • Colloquium: “Workshopping proposals; Annotated Bibliographies”
    • Goal: Identify and develop strategies to help you move from reading and research to writing. We will discuss structure, the use of secondary sources, and entering the academic conversation.
  • Due by 4/22: Annotated bibliography including 6-8 full annotations

April 22, 4-5pm (Rescheduled from 4/15)

  • Colloquium: “Conference and Poster Presentations”
    • Goal: Learn about different venues where you can share your work, learn about new developments in the field, and network with other academic researchers.
  • Due by 4/29: 500-800 word abstract of your research project.

May 2-6 

  • Research Roundtable:
    • Goal: In their research groups, students will arrange a time to meet and to discuss their 500-800 word abstracts. These abstracts should be circulated among the group at least 48 hours before the arranged meeting.

May 12

  • Arnhold Research Showcase

May 27 (tentatively)

  • Colloquium: “Graduate School applications; The English major and the Creative Professions”
    • Goal: Learn about the process of graduate school applications. Strategize about how to leverage the lessons you’ve learned and the projects you’ve created for the English Department and the Arnhold program into a career in the creative professions.

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