CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS – Emergence: A Journal of Undergraduate Research and Criticism


Attention undergraduate humanities majors:

Have you written, or are you currently writing, a senior or honors thesis? Are you interested in sharing your work with the rest of the academic community? Are you wondering how to get your research out into the world?

Emergence: A Journal of Undergraduate Research and Criticism in the Humanities is now accepting submissions for publication in this year’s issue!


Hosted by the UCSB English Department, and edited by students from the Arnhold Undergraduate Research Program, Emergence serves as a publication outlet for undergraduate students currently conducting extensive independent or guided research in the humanities that ultimately results in a thesis or other lengthier research paper.

This year, the journal is looking to expand its publication range from just English majors to all UCSB undergraduates in the humanities. Should your work be selected for publication, a full version of the paper will be published in an online volume of Emergence, with the possibility of a shorter, excerpted version to appear in a limited-run print issue.

By submitting your work, you have the opportunity to present your research to a broader academic audience and gain valuable experience in having your research reviewed, edited, and published.


Project abstracts may be submitted prior to the actual completion of a paper or thesis. To submit an abstract or paper:

  • Fill out a submission form by clicking here. In completing this form, please include information about the status of your project (whether completed, in revision, in drafting, or in the planning/research phase, etc.) as well as your initial thoughts on editing a shorter version of the piece for possible publication in a print issue.
  • Email a version of the project/paper as a Word Document or PDF to ; this version can take the form of:
    1. A final draft of the completed research paper or thesis
    2. A draft of a partially completed research paper or thesis
    3. A 350-500 word abstract

NOTE: While you should include a title for the project that matches the title listed on your submission form, please omit your name from all pages of your abstract or paper.  Your name will not be used in association with the abstract or paper during the review process.


Please submit all materials on or before Friday, March 3.


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