2014-15 Schedule

  • This year, we are planning a number of activities and workshops as part of the Arnhold Program.

Fall 2014

October 9
Information meeting for interested first-year students, 2:00-3:00 pm, SH 2635

October 17
Arnhold Program applications due! Submit to the English office in hard copy form.
First Emergence editorial board meeting.


Arnhold Program Welcome Reception, Dec. 5 1:30-3 South Hall 2623
Emergence re-release

Winter 2015

January 14 (Wed.), 6-7:30 pm in SH 2635
Colloquium: Choosing a research topic
  • Goal: discuss strategies for identifying and then narrowing down a research topic. We will generate a list of guiding questions necessary to developing a topic.
  • Due: Identify the key scenes or moments within your favorite texts (nothing written must be submitted).

 January 30 (Fri.), 1-2:30 pm in SH 2617 (please note that this is different from our usual room)
Colloquium: Research centers and networking

  • Goal (s): Learn about the various departmental research initiatives to gain a sense of what of cutting-edge research is being carried out in our department, and identify which research initiative(s) might be useful for your work. Also, we will be discussing the most effective ways of developing professional relationships with departmental faculty.

  • Due by 2/2/15:  5-7 key words that embody your current research interests (ex.postcolonial, modernist, digital, gender, etc).

February 13 (Fri.), 1-2:30 pm in SH 2635

Colloquium: Graduate school information

  • Goal: Discuss the graduate school experience (including the application process) and academia as a career.
  • Due by 2/5 (if attending this colloquia): please list any questions that you would like addressed by the panel on the googledoc that was emailed to you.

 March 4 (Wed.), 6-7:30 in SH 2635 

Colloquium: Resources for research

  • Goal: Explore the different tools needed to perform research using both traditional and non-traditional resources.

  • Due by 2/20 (if attending this colloquia): please list (in the emailed googledoc) any questions or concerns you may have about the research process that you would like addressed in the colloquia.
  • Due by 3/13: 300-350 word paper proposal. 

Spring 2015

March  30- April 10th

Check-in meeting with the Arnhold Graduate Fellow:

  • You must sign up for a mandatory meeting with the Arnhold Graduate Fellow to discuss your project (this counts as a required colloquia).

April 10, 1-2:30 in SH 2635

Colloquium: How to write a research paper

  •  Goal: Identify the key elements of a good research paper and generate a basic rubric. What constitutes an effective and engaging paper?
  • Due: Read the article assigned prior to class (Cambridge Companion on “Bishop: Race, Class, Gender”).

April 24, 1-2:30 in SH 2635

Colloquium: Careers after the English major and how to do a poster presentation

  • Goal(s): In this two-part colloquia we will discuss the basics about effective poster presentations and explore traditional and non-traditional careers for English majors.

May 8, 1-2:30 in SH 1415 **(Please note, this is a different location than usual)**

Colloquium: Research Roundtable

  • Goal(s): Practice presenting your work in preparation for the end of year showcase and receive feedback from your first-year colleagues and a panel of graduate students.
  • Due by 5/22: 500-550 word revision of your first paper proposal. The revision should take into account feedback you received from the Arnhold Graduate Fellow, the Research Roundtable, and your poster showcase.

May 14, 1-3 pm Collaborative Resource Commons (SH 2607)

Research Showcase, South Hall


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