CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS – Emergence: A Journal of Undergraduate Research and Criticism


Attention undergraduate humanities majors:

Have you written, or are you currently writing, a senior or honors thesis? Are you interested in sharing your work with the rest of the academic community? Are you wondering how to get your research out into the world?

Emergence: A Journal of Undergraduate Research and Criticism in the Humanities is now accepting submissions for publication in this year’s issue!

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Call for Applications – 2016-17 Arnhold Program

Dear Junior & Senior English Majors,

Announcing a call for applications for the 2016-17 Arnhold Undergraduate Research Fellows Program. If you are an English major interested in advanced research or in furthering your development as a creative professional and student of the humanities, the Arnhold Undergraduate Research Fellows Program is designed to aid students who want to conduct research beyond the level of ordinary course assignments. Students accepted to the program will develop their own independent research projects, discover more about conducting research in the humanities, learn about different critical and theoretical approaches, and present their research at an end-of-year research showcase.

THE PROGRAM. English majors who become Arnhold fellows receive extra guidance and assistance as they pursue their individual research goals. The program includes one-on-one research mentoring from the Arnhold Graduate Fellow; special workshops and panels designed to address topics such as research, critical methodologies, graduate school, and professionalization; and the opportunity for Fellows to present their research professionally, both by participating in an end-of-year Research Showcase, and by having their work published in an online English Department journal.

ELIGIBILITY. Applicants must be a junior or senior English Major, with a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

APPLICATION. Application materials are available here or by contacting the Undergraduate Program Advisor, Brian Ernst, at



2014 Emergence Editorial Meeting #1

This post will provide information on our first Emergence meeting on October 17, 2014. Our next meeting is Friday, October 24 at 12 am in SH 2714. All future meetings will be on Fridays from 12-1:30.


-Goals For the Editorial Board: gain experience in editing an academic, peer review journal. How is it different from a journal of creative writing, or a newspaper?

-Changes to Journal: the balance between scholarly and creative works is off- for this issue we need to try and encourage more people to do creative works, also find more interdisciplinary approaches. Also, revamping the journal cover: Audrey will contact coworkers at The Bottom Line about designing a cover.

-We split up the papers in terms of proofreading, formatting, and writing abstracts.

-Second Year Fellows decided they would like to have an informal once a quarter meeting to catch up and share their ongoing research.

Agenda: Emergence Meeting #1

1.Why edit Emergence? What would you like to get out of this? What are our goals?

2.Thoughts on the last edition? Changes? What can be improved?

-Structure/Vision? Cover? PDF format for download? Who will be in charge of this conversion                                                 process? When do you need final docs by? Scribd, Adobe free                                                 trial.

3. Content as of now: What does it mean to peer review? Edits? Literary Standards? Why provide abstracts?

-150-250 word synopsis that encapsulates main argument. (Who has had to do this before? How do you do it?)

4. New Content?

-creative work with critical component (analysis and research?) such as opinion/editorial pieces.

-brief papers on what second- year fellows are currently researching (sample of future article?)

-Call for Papers? 1 paragraph proposal? When are proposals due? Final drafts due?

5. Create schedule to release by Week 9 (Dec. 1, For First-Year Fellows Meet and Great on Either Mon. Dec. 1 or Fri. Dec. 5)

*For next week:

 -I will put a call out for new content (Second Year Fellows’ works in Progress; First Years’ Final Papers; Creative works).

-Bring abstracts for review- three hard copies?

-Think about who will write the introduction